AllicinMax Cream is available in the US and it is an extremely effective topical treatment for MRSA sufferers.

The AllicinMax Cream is a formulated Allicin liquid that is infused into a cosmetically acceptable, aqueous cream base and is design for topical use.

AllicinMax Gel is also available in some countries such as the UK. The Gel is basically the same thing but the Allicin is infused into a Aloe Vera gel instead of a cream.

The only advantage of the gel that I found was the fact that the gel is clear as opposed to the creams white.

What is Allicin?

Allicin is the active ingredient of Garlic and when extracted and stabilized, it is a potent antimicrobial agent.

It has been proven to be effective against common virus’ and even the “superbug” bacteria, MRSA.

Allicin is an important supplement when dealing with MRSA because it not only kills MRSA quickly and effectively on contact, but it also helps to strengthen your immune system which reduces the risk of reinfection.

It is also highly effective against other bacteria and virus’s.

When taken internally in capsule form, Allicin is great for:

  • The prevention of cardiovascular attacks
  • Restoring suppressed antibody responses
  • Use as a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent
  • Preventing the common cold
  • Preventing and treating cancer

Used topically as a cream it is just as effective, particularly at protecting against skin borne bacteria and virus’s.

How to use it?

Apply it topically by massaging gently into skin. You can use it as often as desired or as directed by your health care provider for maximum health benefits.

To improve the lifespan of the product once opened, refrigerate after opening.

What are the benefits of Allicin cream?

It is a highly effective bacteria killer so when applied to the skin, it easily overcomes and kills MRSA and other dangerous bacteria.

Because it is a gentle cream, it can be safely applied to areas of the body that are sensitive and have the potential to be “home to” bacteria such as MRSA.

These areas include the groin, the armpits, and the nasal cavity and the cream can be safely applied to these sensitive areas.

Is there research to back it up?

There sure is…stacks of it. Just Google it! : )

To save you some time though, below is a link to the Allicin research conducted by Dr Ron Cutler.

In his research he studied the effectiveness of Allicin against MRSA and his findings were published in the British Journal Of Biomedical Science. You can click here to read the report.

Do I recommend it?


In fact, I still use it whenever I get a decent cut or abrasion because it not only kills Staphylococcus Aureus, but it also kills other bacteria that cause infections, thereby keeping me fighting fit and healthy.

I hope this advice helps you on your recovery from MRSA and feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading…






Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of this product.

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