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My name is Jeremy Geurtjens and I am 33 years old (2014).

I have always felt the need to help and protect people, particularly those less fortunate than myself and I believe that this is what drove me to join the Police in 2005.

In 2013, I was struck by an illness that I had never even heard of before…MRSA, and it was me that was suddenly in need. I suffered with boils and other wounds that became infected and wouldn’t heal.

I went to several doctors to seek advice but I found the doctors to be rather unhelpful, and my condition worsened.

Eventually I began to treat myself using simple but effective “old school” treatments and swore that if I could cure myself, I would share my experience and knowledge with others.

By the end of 2013 I had fully recovered from MRSA and boils and so I’ve done exactly that…I have put together an eBook titled “The Boil Bible” and have also started this website.

I truly hope to change the lives of MRSA sufferers for the better.




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