If you didn’t know it already, I consider the KEY to my successful recovery from recurring MRSA infections to be DIET.

To be specific, the that was instrumental in my recovery from recurrent MRSA infections was the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet (GAPS).

Tell me more about the GAPS diet?

Strengthening your immune system and increasing your general health and well-being is the goal of the GAPS diet.

Its all about healing your body from the inside out but you need to be aware that this process will take time depending on how sick you are.

But the fact is that the results are worth it.

A strong and healthy immune immune system will be able to fight off MRSA and other infections and illnesses, leaving you to carry on with your life.

The only downside is that the diet can be restrictive and so knowing how to make tasty, nutrtious meals that are GAPS approved can be difficult without a cookbook. The good news is that a great new cookbook has just been released and its called The Heal Your Gut Cookbook

Can’t I just stick to the recipes from the original GAPS book?

You could…but they are simple, basic, and not overly appetizing.

That is why I strongly suggest getting a great GAPS cookbook such as The Heal Your Gut Cookbook.

The great thing about this book is that you don’t have to come up with your own recipes, nor are you limited to the recipes in the original GAPS book.

With The Heal Your Gut Cookbook, the recipes are not only healthy and appetizing, but you don’t have to spend your precious time coming up with recipes and meal ideas.

By making use of an excellent GAPS cookbook like this makes it a heck of a lot easier maintain the diet and let it be known, the longer you stick at the diet, the healthier you will become.

Just remember, if your immune system is strong enough, it will fight off MRSA and other infections so you really need to stick at this diet for as long as possible.

That way you can continue with your life without the fear of a MRSA relapse.

How long do I have to maintain the GAPS diet?

That is completely up to you…

Do you want to recover from recurrent MRSA infections?

Do you want a better quality of life?

If so, sticking at the GAPS diet long term is the best idea, however although it is a healthy, healing diet but many people will find it to restrictive to maintain indefinitely.

I found it difficult to maintain, especially with kids in the house so once I no longer began to get MRSA infections, I began to extend the limits of the diet, adding back some other healthy options to my diet. 

Time wise, you should keep doing GAPS until such time as you fully recover and are no longer suffering from MRSA infections.

Everybody is different though and the time it takes to fully recover will likely vary depending on how sick you are.

I was lucky…I only needed to follow the GAPS diet strictly for a couple of months before I got to the point where I no longer got MRSA infections.

Then, and only then did I begin to slowly add in some other healthy options to my diet.

The important thing to remember is that you should maintain a healthy diet, even when you have fully recovered. This is to ensure that your immune system stays strong and able to fight off infections.

It is a fact that Staphylococcus Aureus colonizes most, if not all people, and it is highly likely that even when you are “cleared”, the bacteria will recolonize you at some point.

The only way to prevent reinfection is to have a strong immune system.

Do I recommend The Heal Your Gut Cookbook? 

Any cookbook that can make the GAPS diet more enjoyable gets my vote!

GAPS is not an easy diet to stick to, especially if you stick to the limited recipes in the original GAPS book.

Therefore, a GAPS approved cookbook such as Internal Bliss or The Heal Your Gut Cookbook are “must have” items.

I highly recommend getting one of these books as the time spent “creating” new recipes could be better spent doing something else to increase your current health level.

I hope this advice helps you on your recovery from MRSA and feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading…






Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of this product.

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