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Antibiotics…a cure or a curse?

When people are suffering from boils and are asking me about effective treatments one of the most common questions is…should I use antibiotics for boils?

My reply is that you most certainly should….BUT (yes there is a but) you need to decide whether to use synthetic, man-made antibiotics or natural products that have antibiotic and antibacterial properties.

What’s the difference?

There are several actually and they are big ones!

Firstly, modern antibiotics are synthetic, man-made products that have simple molecular structures. This means that bacteria and other nasties can easily evolve and develop a resistance to the antibiotics.

This is how “superbugs” have developed. Essentially the bacteria, virus or other nasty is treated with modern antibiotics to which it quickly develops a resistance, making it immune to the drugs. As such, more powerful drugs (including antibiotics) need to be produced, tested and then introduced. Once again, the nasties develop resistance and grow stronger and require anew drug to deal with them.

Do you notice a pattern here? Yep…it has become and endless cycle. We are continually trying to stay one step ahead of these “superbugs”.

Another point to note is that these modern medicines (including antibiotics) actually lower your immunity when you ingest them because they attack not only the nasties inside your body, but they also attack the good bacteria that live in your gut and are responsible for keeping your immune system strong. 

So is there any good news?

Natural Garden
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Mother Nature has provided us with a huge range of products that have medicinal properties.

There sure is. Many natural products have medicinal properties such as antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal. You name it, mother nature has probably provided it.

In fact,before the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940’s and 50’s, Doctors used these natural products to treatment various illnesses, diseases, and infections.

The reason these natural products and treatments have been cast aside over the last 70 years or so is that modern antibiotics initially worked much faster than the slower acting natural products. Also, creating stronger antibiotics was “easy” back then as the nasties were still “weak” by todays standards and so these natural methods have been all but forgotten.

So what are the benefits of natural antibiotics?

Well…there a several actually so lets take a look at each of them in turn.

Firstly, natural products have complex molecular structures that these bacteria and other pathogens have yet been able able to adapt to. This is great because even “superbugs” like MRSA are no match for many of these natural products.

Secondly, many of these natural products can be ingested without lowering your immunity. Unlike modern medicines such as antibiotics which lower your immunity when ingested, many natural products actually increase immunity.

Thirdly, natural products are readily available, are usually inexpensive. and don’t require a prescription from a doctor.

What natural products should you use to treat boils?

Essential Oils
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Many essential Oils are fantastic for treating boils. Tea Tree and Lemongrass are popular and effective.

There are a whole stack of natural products that would be effective against boils. However, I will only list some of the ones that I have used personally with success.

Allicin (Garlic extract)

Essential Oils

            – Tea Tree Oil

            – Oregano Oil

            – Lemongrass

Olive Leaf Extract

Manuka Honey

Vitamin C


Some of these products should only be applied topically (i.e. on the skin), while others should be taken internally (i.e. ingested). Others can be used both topically and internally.

Do you need (or want) to know more about dealing with boils?

For more in-depth information about how to treat boils, my eBook “The Boil Bible” will teach you everything you need to know to effectively treat boils, including the use of these natural antibiotics.

The book covers the use of essential oils and other effective products, treatment methods, my personal treatment regime/routine and of course my personal story.

Anyway…I hope that you have found this article both interesting and helpful? I hope now that you have a basic understanding of how using antibiotics for boils can be effective.

Please feel free to leave a comment below  or click here to return to the Boil Bible homepage where you will find our latest posts.

Take care…


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