Alternative Treatments

Here you will find articles about some of the other Treatments that can be used to treat MRSA

Blue light therapy is the biggest development in MRSA treatment in years.

One of the latest developments in fighting MRSA bacteria colonizing a persons skin is the use of “blue light” therapy devices. Usually used for treating skin conditions, particularly those affecting the face, blue light therapy devices have been found to eradicate MRSA. How does blue light therapy kill MRSA? Recent studies have shown that all bacteria, including MRSA are highly sensitive (i.e. can be killed by) light that is between 405-nm and 470-nm. Light in this spectrum is blue in color, hence the name. The other good news is that the bacteria are unable to develop a resistance to this form of treatment so the blue light just keeps on killing! : ) Where can I get blue light therapy to treat my MRSA infection? You have a few options here. You could contact a medical center that offers blue light therapy for their patients such as a beauty therapy clinic and ask them if they are prepared to treat your MRSA infection with one of their devices. Bear in mind though that due to the fact that MRSA is highly contagious they may well refuse. If that happens don’t despair because there is another option…blue light therapy devices can be found online fairly easily on places such as Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace. Just do a search for Blue Light Therapy Device or just click here to get the Project E Beauty LED 3 Colors Photo-rejuvenation Kit Facial Beauty Care Massager. Be aware though that many of these devices are very expensive (i.e. hundreds of dollars) because the sellers are playing the MRSA card, and as such have... read more

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